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Online Operational Improvements through Gamification

1Huddle is a new workforce program which includes 5 in 1 benefits.

  • Operational improvement training delivered
    • via smartphones, desktops and tablets daily, through Gamification
    • leads to better upskilled staff which improves efficiencies
    • creates better interaction between customer and the organisation
    • company policy / material changes are delivered instantly
  • Product knowledge improvement
    • a highly successful manner of delivering product material
    • knowledge improvement via technology
  • Skills measurement daily
    • determines the skill level of each employee
    • we can also monitor the amount of training each employee is undertaking
    • this means better understanding of what they have done and where focus is needed
  • Communicate instantly to the workforce
    • this means better information communicated instantly to all employees
    • things like incentive policy / process or product changes / customer specials
  • Appraises staff readiness and commitment to your business in this competitive market

Why 1Huddle

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With 1HUDDLE, we did more training in the last 30 days than we did in the last 6 months.

We know how effective it is. That confidence means the world for someone in my situation.


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