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The efficient way to upskill your employees

We make training

Fast. Fun. Effortless.

Through a gaming platform.

Mobile training through


Gamification is a powerful tool to get employees to look forward to engaging in training and making it more memorable. When it comes to training, gamification means using tools like points, badges, leaderboards and competition to spice up an already existing exercise and practice. Gamification technology which enables you to:

1Huddle is a new workforce programme providing you with 3 benefits in 1 system

Daily skills measurement to determine the level of each employee. We can also monitor the amount of training each employee is undertaking. This means better understanding and therefore more focus where it is needed.

Training delivery available on Android and iOS mobile devices, every day, through gamification. This means better repetition and learning delivered daily in 3 to 5 minute games.

Communicate instantly to the workforce. This means better information communicated immediately to all employees.


You are on your way to learning

We’re grateful for our supporters

Backed by trusted investors and featured in world-renowned publications.

Mark Torrance

Dealer Principal, Hyundai Pinetown

With 1HUDDLE, we did more training in the last 30 days than we did in the last 6 months.

Greg Kish

VP, Legends LA Stadium & Entertainment

We know how effective it is. That confidence means the world for someone in my situation.

Pedro Pereira

Managing Director, MITSUBISHI SA

1HUDDLE is a great way to improve product knowledge


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