About Us - The Workforce Platform
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About Us

Sam Caucci, CEO at 1Huddle takes a different approach to training. Suggesting that training can be done better through a concept he calls Gamification, instead of “Death by PowerPoint”.

He developed training approaches that involve games and phones, giving you a programme to provide better training because you could deliver it more often to your employees, and they can train themselves on their smartphones/tablets/ desktop every day, for 5 minutes. We also provide you with the reports to understand who was training and what level of skill your employees ARE at!

Our Mission


We’re on a mission to ensure people get the training they deserve. That’s why we created a workforce training platform using science-backed, quick-burst games.

Available on Android and iOS devices

Improves efficiencies

Creates better interaction

Trained sales forces increase sales

Easy learning increases product knowledge

Encourages staff to commit to your business

Knowledge improvements via technology

Monitor employee training

In-depth reporting on employee skill level

Updates can be communicated immediately

Successful manner of delivering product material

Imagine if you could provide better operational improvements through to your employees and then get the monthly reports on

Skill levels

Productivity levels

Improvements achieved

Participation rate

This will change your business.


In just 3 minutes a day, your workforce is ready to work, saving you time and fast-tracking business growth.


“A new way to help our account executives learn, grow, and retain our training.”

Rob Sine, President at IMG Learfield Ticketing

We empower managers to upskill their workforce in a single platform, track ROI, and spin up new improvements in minutes.


“With 1HUDDLE, I can prove actual learning and bottom line sales results. What else do you need?”


Jarred Fajerski, VP at Hand and Stone Massage

With proven game mechanics, adoption and engagement increase knowledge retention and employee loyalty.


“I can actually see myself learning faster with 1Huddle.”

Kelly, Retail Associate at Hand and Stone

1HUDDLE converts your unique content into science-backed, quick-burst mobile games that are proven to improve your workforce’s efficiency.