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Road to a Sale


Do your salespeople train daily?

Do they know your products and your specials running?

Are they following a sales process?

Road to a Sale is a video that paves the way in a systematic and most effective way in preparing employees and the dealership in closing deals and most importantly creating value in the customers mind by adopting a personalized touch and feel experience by following the process of Lead sourcing and prospecting, Meet and Greet, Qualifying the Customer, Selecting and Presenting, Test Drive and Demonstrating, Valuation, the Final Close & OTP sign, Finance Application and finally the Delivery and Follow up

1Huddle provides the effective Road to a Sale, through Gamification


With all the games already developed, we can provide your sales team with the necessary training. This teaches them on the steps to follow from the meet and greet to qualifying a Client, presenting the vehicle in a way that builds value in the Client’s mind, then finally the Close. This makes selling a breeze.