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We like to have fun while we learn.

Enjoy curated insights from our research, customers, and industry through 1HUDDLE TV.

WSquawking with Mr. Wonderful

Sam appeared on CNBC’s SquawBox with Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank.

“It was really engaging, and I got into it.
This is training that doesn’t suck.”

Kevin O’Leary, Investor/Contributor at CNBC


Our founder and CEO, Sam Caucci, has fun introducing himself to the global community.

“It’s ‘ca-you-chee’.”

Sam, our Founder and CEO

How do you train?

With proven game mechanics, adoption and engagement increases knowledge retention and employee loyalty.

“I can actually see myself learning faster with 1Huddle.”

Kelly, Retail Associate at Hand and Stone